Long Live The Queen


Mature audiences only - 18+
Reader/Sam and Lucifer
Reader Gender: Female
Original Imagine: Imagine dating Sam during the apocalypse, and finding out Lucifer lets you live only because he wants you as his queen.
Warnings: wing!kink, that’s about it I believe

Sam stood his ground as Lucifer stepped towards the two of you. You, on the other hand, with the powers of a prophet and very little else, were more than happy to back away as he advanced.

“Sam. So good to finally meet you in person,” he said smoothly, not even glancing at the hunter, instead staring at you. “And who is this?”

You staggered backwards as Lucifer made to step past Sam, but your boyfriend grabbed his shirt, glaring at him.

“She’s not a toy for you to play with,” he grunted.

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